Shri Kali Ashram & Tomoko


This is about Shri Kali Ashram and Myself, from Shri Kali Ashram home page. I would like many people to learn the ancient knowledge at Shri Kali Ashram and expand the life realistically. So, here I share my experience…..


To study at Shri Kali Ashram gives me a very deep spiritual path in my life. I was living in the U.K. for a long time and I almost lost the appreciation for my roots in Japan, and more crucially who I am. Initially, I come here for a short-time yogic experience, but now I am on the Tantric path and my life is expanding from my unconscious.

Before coming here, I had gained a 500™ Hour Teacher’s Training Certificate in another school. I thought I knew Yoga, but I become aware that I knew nothing about it since studying at Shri Kali Ashram. Here is a traditional system that I am learning from the original source of Veda. Yoga series at Shri Kali Ashram is based on prāṇic flow and metaphysical concepts as opposed to a created modern sequence for a physical achievement. Through this series, my āsanas have improved very efficiently and effortlessly. Consequently, I am gaining a real appreciation for my body and culturing ‘Body Intelligence’ as Bhagavan points out. I think this is the beauty of learning by body, not by head. I am studying philosophy from the core of Veda. Reading Divine Initiation (Bhagavan’s book on Veda and Tantra) and some traditional Tantric texts teaches me the unchanging principle behind all the changes / phenomena. Another unique point here is that I become able to observe the world in a wholesome perspective. It is very crucial to study the concept of modern physics along with Tantra in order for us to comprehend the difference between a linear mind set and a wholesome life. Through learning Tantra and modern science, I am able to view the world, people and myself more organically and happily.

Learning from Bhagavan is very precious. He understands my culture, fear, mentality, and where I am at in terms of my tantric path. On that point he gives me the right advice at the right time. Here is an authentic guru system that exists.

Very interestingly, I am learning about Japan at Shri Kali Ashram. The more I study Tantra, the more I see the similarity between Tantra and other philosophies in the world. I found it especially in Buddhism and Shinto. Although we have a culture of using words such as prāṇa / ki(気)in Japanese and Consciousness / Mu(無) in Japanese, the authentic meaning and science behind these notions has been lost in Japan, as we follow the modern criteria. Fortunately, I am studying the science of Prāṇa and Consciousness at this ashram. Bhagavan made me realise that many texts on Buddhism in Japanese are based on the last few hundred years’ interpretation in the west. It is very ironic and sad that Japanese establish their own Buddhism from an outside resource. I came to the conclusion that here is the only place I can learn authentic Buddhism. Bhagavan encouraged me to study it further. I am now taking a Tantric Buddhism MA course in Koyasan University in Wakakayama, Japan. I am very fortunate that I am exploring the truth of Tantric Buddhism with Bhagavan.

It is very beautiful to share this teaching and see that many people start to explore the meaning of life at this ashram. We all look for a happy life. However, if we are trapped in changing principles, we are lost. When we start to understand the unchanging principle, the life starts to glow. I believe this school would be the turning point in a life time for anyone. My life value has turned and now it is heading for my origin as a real human being.

Bhagavan says: “Yoga is Zero.” I keep practicing, studying and living to drop any unnecessary aspects. Zero = Śūnya = Kuu(空) is the state I would like to achieve.